Training Vocabulary

Like any relationship, having clear communication with your dog is important! When you and your pet understand the basic command words, you’ll be able to prevent the common pitfalls many owners experience in their training journey.

Come – Stop, ignore distractions, and go to owner immediately. Even if there’s a squirrel.

Down – Dog is lying down with paws flat on the ground. This position should be held until the release word is given.

Implied Stay – When the dog is told to sit, down, or place, an implied stay is also commanded. As the term suggests, it’s implied that the dog stays until the release word is given.

Leave It – Code for, “leave it alone.” Your dog should ignore what’s in front of them or holding their attention. This command can apply to people passing by, other dogs, food, trash on the ground, etc.

Place – This command is used to tell a dog to go to a specific place such as a kennel, dog bed, mat, or raised platform. When in Place, there’s an implied stay and the dog should not leave until the release command is given.

Release – This is a word that’s given to release the dog from the position they are in. Many dog owners use, “Free!” for this.

Drop It – The dog should drop or spit out whatever is in their mouth.

Sit – Dog is sitting on the ground with hips down and shoulders upright. This position should be held until the release word is given.

Yes – This is a positive verbal affirmation to let your dog know their actions are correct.

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