4 Ways to Provide More Mental & Physical Stimulation

Structured Walks

What do we mean by structured? Well, we want you to be walking your dog… not the other way around. When you only have 20 minutes for a walk before work, it’s easy to want to just get out there and start going. However, your dog will actually get even more stimulation out of the mental exercise of listening to you and following you for direction. 

Food Puzzles

You’ve likely seen Amazon products of super cool puzzles for your dog to work for kibble or treats. Those are great, but the good news is that you can even create one for just about no money! Got an old box lying around? Throw some kibble in it, then crumple some newspaper and throw that on top. Next, turn the box on its side or make it more difficult to open. This activity will not only provide mental stimulation and enrichment, it also builds confidence. You can also do this activity with a muffin tin or other household items!

Leveled Up Tricks

Does your pup know the implied stay that accompanies the place command? What about when there’s some peanut butter in front of him and you’re in the other room? By creating new levels to training and upping the challenge, you’ll be able to understand where your dog is with their training and what potential can still be fulfilled.

Brand New Tricks

Not all tricks have to be useful, some are just plain amusing or funny! Dogs love to learn and be challenged, so don’t be afraid to teach a new trick. One of our recent favorites came from a H2H Alumni who was taught by his human sibling to carry around a costume prop on Halloween!

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