How to Choose the Right Dog

Word on the street is you’ve been rolling around the idea of getting a dog! Great idea but checkout the following 5 tips to choosing the best fit ❤️

1. Don’t choose a dog based on appearance.

Yes, we all know appearance is what we notice first but consider that looks can be deceiving and it doesn’t get much worse than feeling disappointed that your adorable dog has zero interest in cuddling.

2. Be realistic about your interest in exercising.

If you’d rather sit on the couch, there are dogs that will join that lifestyle. Setting high goals for yourself is admirable but not when you know you’re going to fall short repeatedly. Exercise is one of the most crucial requirements for many dogs so don’t overcommit or you’ll both be unhappy.

3. Hair type matters.

We shouldn’t be so superficial, I agree, but hair type is important for many. From allergies to shedding to what goes best all over your furniture, choose wisely so your wits don’t end.

4. Size is important.

Don’t pick a dog that’s too big or too small for your environment and family. Got kids? Pick a dog that they can realistically manage OR you’ll absolutely be doing all the work. Live in an apartment? Doesn’t mean you can’t have a big dog but less space means you’ll need to get out and exercise more.

5. It’s All in the Personality!

Shouldn’t this be the most important quality? Choose a personality that jives with yours. Got anxiety? An anxious dog is probably not the best fit. Chilled out but would love a little party? Pick a pup with spunk to add adventure to your life.

In Conclusion…

While we all allow our emotions to dictate our decision making at times, please don’t be impulsive when choosing to add a pet to your ever-growing list of jobs unless you truly have the time. Owning a pet is a choice, a responsibility and a commitment. Please take it seriously.

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