The Adoption Checklist: Before Arrival

  • Location, location, location! Decide where your new pet will sleep, spend most of their time, and have free roam. Set up any pet gates, and if you plan to crate train, get their crate set up and ready to go.
  • Purchase all supplies needed to care for your new dog, such as collars, leashes, food and water bowls, a crate, potty training pads, etc.
  • Make sure your new dog’s living areas are clean and safe. Remove anything they might be tempted to chew on such as cords, plants, rugs, children’s toys, etc. Hideaway any potentially harmful items such as cleaning products or pest control traps.
  • Time for a household meeting! Discuss expectations. Will the new pet be allowed on furniture? What commands will you be teaching your new dog?
    • This is especially important with kids in the home who may be expecting to play with their new pet upon arrival. It’s likely your new dog will be tired and a little anxious about their new environment, so be sure to set expectations.
  • Learn how to make proper introductions to any and all household members. First impressions matter!
  • Establish a transport plan. If you plan on taking them in their crate, make sure it fits comfortably in your car.

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