Fun Ways to Exercise Your Dog

Maybe you got a dog to be your couch buddy. Maybe your dog goes out on morning runs with you. There are different types of dogs for every person. Just like people, dogs that exercise will be healthier and happier. Whatever level of activity you and your dog are looking for, there are many options. 

Walking, jogging, or running

It’s a classic for a reason. A good, long walk will help keep your dog stimulated, behave better, and tire them out to sleep well later on. You don’t have to run a 5k with your dog to help them get their exercise either. If your dog is a new addition, start with a short walk and extend the distance each time. Your dog will become more familiar with the area and, from their behavior, you should be able to learn more about the kind of distance that is good for them.

Teaching them tricks (Obedience training)

This one can take time and patience but it’s worth it. Teaching your dog to shake, roll over, or sit is a good mental exercise. Just remember to be patient and reward their good behavior. Encourage them when they behave well and they will reward you for it. Teaching them commands like come, release, down, drop it, and yes or no can also come in handy when you’re in public or around others.   

Dog parks

Dogs like to socialize and it’s good for them. A dog park can be the perfect place to let your dog make up their own games with other dogs. If you’re lucky, they’ll even make other dog friends. When you do go to the dog park, be sure to bring toys of your own in case other dogs don’t show up that day. Also, be ready to respond to other dogs. They may not be as well-behaved as yours.

Doggy Daycare

All of us may not have the freedom or type of work schedule where we can spend hours exercising our dogs. And that’s okay but your dog doesn’t have to spend all day waiting for you. Depending on where you live, there are doggy daycares available that can give your pet all the activity they need while you’re unavailable. Don’t have a doggy daycare? You can hire a dog walker or dog sitter to give your pet the attention and exercise they need. 

Putting their nose to work

Most dogs have an amazing sense of smell and you can challenge them to put it to work. Stashing treats in boxes they can open or hiding toys where they can still find them can be stimulating work for your dog. Remember to encourage and be affectionate with them when they follow the trail and find the hidden rewards. 

Remember dog safety first

Whether you’re going on a run with your dog or picking them up from doggy daycare, remember to pay attention. While exercising them, watch for signs of exhaustion, illness, or injury. We want our dogs to be happy and healthy, but we don’t want them to overdo it. Dogs don’t always know when to stop and it’s up to us to be the leader for them.  

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