A Tribute to Golden Girls

As the days fly by and we move on with our hectic lives, let’s not forget about our Golden Girl, Betty White. A beloved media personality inter-generationally, renowned for her saucy style, independence, sparkling eyes, and dimpled cheeks – Betty would have been exactly 100 years old today. Our TV darling until the very end, Betty succeeded in proving to the world that “forever young” is achievable, and the senior years can truly be golden.

Although there is much to adore in America’s Great-Grandmother Betty, what we love most was Betty’s gentle spirit and love of animals. She embodies the spirit of those who take in strays, resuscitate the weak, and foster to give a second chance.

Sometimes, that second chance is just what an animal needs to be given the freedom and opportunity to experience their own golden years.

Here at H2H, we have our very own canine “Golden Girl” – a calm, dog-loving, and independent girl, with bright shining eyes and a thirst to make the best of her second chance. Cedar joined the H2H family after living as a feral dog with her littermates. All were live-trapped and her siblings adopted, but no one ever came to see Cedar. Not once. But Cedar’s not the kind of girl who will give up after a failure. Cedar waited 19 months without a single visitor until she got her big break.

Our Golden Girl is now celebrating 1 month in a foster home. She enjoys rolling in the grass and soaking in the sunshine, trusting enough to take treats from her foster’s hand, and rollicking with her H2H alumni friend. Cedar is saucy and does things on her own terms, but her determination to love and be loved is omnipresent. Cedar may be H2H’s Golden Girl – but she won’t be for long. She has many good years of her life left, and she’s going to be spending this golden time with a family who adores her, finally getting the tummy rubs she deserves, and living to be 99.9 years old (in doggie years) – just like her celebrity doppelgänger and soul-sister, Betty.

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