How to know if you’re ready for a dog

The joy that dogs bring can entice many people into getting a dog before they’re ready. As a
dog parent, it’s your responsibility to make sure you’re ready. Your dog is depending on you to
be a good parent
and preparation is key. If you’re thinking about adding a dog to your family,
here are just a few questions to ask yourself.

Are you ready for a commitment?

Getting a dog probably shouldn’t be an impulse decision. You may want a snuggle buddy or
exercise pal, but dogs aren’t looking for a casual relationship. Many dogs that end up in shelters
and rescue came from dogs who went to homes that weren’t ready for the commitment they
required. Prevent this by examining your motivations and making sure you’re ready.

Is your home ready for a dog?

Does your apartment or rental allow pets? What size of dog will be comfortable in your home?
There are many creative ways to give dogs the space they need, but they don’t happen on their
own. Bringing home an adopted dog can be a joyful occasion until you realize there’s no room
for them. Is your home safe from a curious dog rooting around? Think about what dogs can get
into or out of before deciding your home is ready for a dog.

Do you have the time for a dog?

Even the most low-maintenance dogs require a time commitment. Time spent training and
connecting with your dog can be a ton of fun, but not everyone has the patience for the time it
can take. Dogs need interaction and exercise to thrive. They will crave attention from you or
others. Make sure you have the personal bandwidth to be there for your dog.

Can you support a dog financially?

Depending on your lifestyle, you may need to drop your dog off at daycare while you work. Or
you may need to pay for a regular dog walker. Dogs are going to need food, clinic visits, and
possibly medicine if they become sick. You never want to be in a situation where your account
balance puts the well-being of your dog at risk. Find affordable options for vet care and think
about the monthly costs owning a dog will bring.

Are your loved ones or roommates onboard?

If you live with one or more people in your household, they need to be part of the decision as
well. How involved are they willing to be in the daily care of the dog? Are they chipping in for
dog expenses? Will they be walking the dog when you can’t? Your dog is depending on you for
stability. You don’t want your dog to become a source of stress or tension between you and the
rest of the household.

Have other concerns about adopting a dog? Check these tips!

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