How to prevent bad dog breath

We’ve all been there. You get up close and personal with your dog to show them some love and they return the favor by breathing right in your face. Dog breath is famous for being rough, but it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Some causes of bad dog breath

As dog owners, it’s often easy to just dismiss bad breath as typical dog breath. We should not always do this though. There’s often a reason behind a dog’s bad breath. 

Oral Hygiene

Just like people, dogs will develop bad breath from the build-up of tartar and plaque on their teeth. If we don’t take care of our teeth, we can develop cavities, infections, and end up with tooth loss. The same is true of dogs.

Bad Habits

Has your dog ever eaten something it shouldn’t have? You would not be the first dog owner to say yes. Even the most well-trained, best-behaved dog can occasionally get into something they shouldn’t. This can also taint their breath. We can’t always stop our dogs from being curious, but we can take steps to make sure trash and other things are out of their reach. 

Early Warning Signs

Your dog’s breath can also offer early warning signs for some illnesses. Bacteria in the mouth can enter the bloodstream and contribute to conditions that affect the heart, liver, and kidneys. If your dog’s breath changes suddenly, and seemingly without cause, it may be a sign to get your dog’s health checked.

Preventing and Treating Bad Dog Breath

The simplest way to prevent bad dog breath is to brush their teeth regularly. Don’t brush your dog’s teeth with toothpaste meant for people, it may contain ingredients not meant for dogs. You can provide toys and treats meant for dental health. However, you need to make sure you select toys and treats that are appropriate for your dog’s size and age. You can ask your veterinarian for tips on this. 

Getting rid of bad breath isn’t just about your discomfort. Feeding your dog a healthy and balanced diet will also help with their breath. Regular exercise and taking your dog for regular check-ups is another way to help keep your canine healthy. Take these steps to help your dog have fresher breath and pay attention to changes in your dog’s breath. 

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