Your dog won’t pee or poop in the rain? 

It’s dark outside. It’s pouring rain. You know your dog needs to go, but they refuse to brave the weather. What are your options? You don’t want them to pee in the house. You may not have a dog-sized raincoat. To make sure you don’t find yourself in this situation, take steps today to acclimate your dog to different types of weather.

Some dogs fear the rain

There’s not always a clear explanation why your dog may not like the rain or snow or cold. Often, it is a fear of the unknown. Forcing a scared dog outside in the rain isn’t going to help them overcome their fear.

Ways to help your dog overcome a fear of bad weather

Train them to play in water
On a warm summer day, set up a sprinkler and play with your dog in or near the water. This exposure will teach them water is not something to fear. Making a positive experience can teach your dog that they’re safe in water.

Walk your dog in the rain
Don’t go for a walk in a thunderstorm. But, if there’s light rain or snow, you can bundle up and take your dog for a walk. This is another way to normalize the rain and snow for them. You’ll also be there at their side to help them keep up their confidence.

Brave the weather with your dog
Your dog will always take their cues from you. If you seem afraid of bad weather or don’t want to go out in the rain, they may see that as something they should fear. If it’s time for their bathroom break, you may need to grab an umbrella and raincoat to head out with them. Doing this with them for a while can help them learn to do it on their own later on.

If your dog still won’t brave the water, you may try getting them a raincoat or rain jacket of their own. Many places offer affordable options that fit most dogs. Want more tips on training and teaching your dog?

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