A Tale Of Two Sisters

Originally posted by Ursula Ruhl on Webster-Kirkwood Times.

“Sometimes you find out how small the world really is in the most unlikely places. A year ago this month, we adopted an adorable puppy after our 14-year-old dog passed away. Lucky was a wonderful rescue dog and was part of our family for 12 years. To honor our beloved rescue dog, my husband Ken and I decided to adopt another rescue. A few days later, we found ourselves looking at two 11-week-old puppies from the Home 2 Home Canine Orphanage in Pacific.

There we met the last two puppies in a litter — two girls named Manatee and Jellyfish. All the puppies in the litter had sea creature names. We overcame the temptation of bringing both sisters home and picked Manatee as the new addition to our family. We renamed her Abigail (aka Abby), and she quickly settled into her new home with us.

For the next few weeks, I kept checking the status of little Jellyfish, hoping her adoption day would come soon. Then one day the wonderful word appeared next to her name: ADOPTED. Jellyfish had found a forever home, too! 

Not too long after that, we started taking Abby to the Kitun Dog Park in Sunset Hills. I noticed there was a dog that looked like Abby, and the two puppies immediately found each other and began playing. After striking up a conversation with the other puppy’s owner, Kathy Hanrahan, I found out that her puppy, Molly, was seven months old as well. After telling Kathy that Abby’s birthday was Jan. 11, she immediately asked, “Where did you get her and what was her name?”

I told her of the rescue organization and that her name was formally Manatee. 

“This is Jellyfish!” she exclaimed.

We were both shocked that the two sisters had been reunited! Through further conversation, Kathy and I found out that our worlds got even smaller because we are both Webster Groves residents! Abby and Molly’s story is well-known throughout the dog park and they are often referred to as “the sisters.” 

Ever since being reunited last August, “the sisters” haven’t stopped having fun together. They meet every week at the dog park to play. They also attend dog park holiday parties together and of course, there was their one-year birthday party. They also go to each other’s homes to play, and attend doggie daycare together.

Though Abby has made many friends at the dog park, the bond she shares with Molly is clear when they play. It’s fun to be a part of the small world of “the sisters” and we are so grateful that Abby and Molly have each in their lives again. Who would have thought adopting a cute puppy a year ago would turn out to be such an amazing story?”

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