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We’ve been finding dogs forever homes since 2014 and are so happy that you are considering adoption. With over 9,000 dogs adopted from our organization, we are ready to help you find your new best friend!

Our Adoption Process

  1. Applicant fills out ShelterLuv application.
  2. If the applicant currently owns pets, they will need to send proof of up-to-date vet records to 6362106166. Proof must include the following: verification of rabies, distemper, heartworm test, and the use of prevention. A solid history of vet care is required.
  3. You will need to also submit a home video. It is helpful to have items not lost in translation to send both vet and video in same text to 6362106166. The video must consist of you walking through your front door to the back showing your yard and stating your name and that this is for H2H application :). If you live in a complex, showing the dog park or grounds can be a separate video.
  4. After we receive the requested videos, we will notify you if you are approved or not.
  5. Once you are approved, you are welcome to meet any available dog via making an appointment (both foster and onsite). A lot of our dogs are in foster and may not be on site. In the Adoptables album on our Facebook page.
  6. If a dog is not in a foster home, you are welcome to come to our facility to meet them during our lobby hours: Monday thru Friday 6-9am or 3-6pm and Saturday and Sunday 2-4pm; be ready to have proof of your acceptance email with matching ID and we verify again if you choose to take a pup home.
  7. If a dog is in a foster home, we will give you the foster parent’s contact info to coordinate a meet up. If you want to adopt on site you will need to be prepared with some items at the transfer. (Collar, leash and tag with your name and number on it)
  8. Once you’ve met a dog and love them for your new family depending on age the adoption fee varies (over a year 400$, under a year is 450$, long stays (over 6 months at the shelter $350, and seniors 8+ $350)

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my application to be approved?

This process can take a day up to several depending on the amount of applications we have received and the amount of time it takes to receive vet records and videos from the applicants. Our team works as quickly as possible to review applications. Please note that applications submitted on weekends typically aren’t reviewed until the following Monday.

What if I’d prefer to foster instead?

We’re always looking for more fosters! Please use this link to apply. Learn more about fostering in our blog! Read it here.

Do I need to fill out an application for each dog I want to meet?

No! Once you have an approved application on file, you are welcome to meet any available dog. This application is good for 6-12 months depending on your involvement with us. If you move addresses it does require a new application.

How long are applications valid?

Applications are valid for 6- 12 months provided nothing on the application has changed. For example, if you have moved or adopted another pet since originally applying, you should submit another application. 

Is there an age requirement to adopt?

We feel it’s tough to set an age requirement in stone. While exceptions can be made, our main focus is ensuring all our orphans are placed in homes that are financially stable with an owner who has a lifestyle that suits them. However, we do require the person signing the contract to be 18 years of age.

When will I get all the paperwork for the dog I am adopting?

You will finalize your adoption through our digital platform shelterluv.You will need a leash, martingale collar and an engraved name tag to leave with your new dog. We do have a tag maker onsite at the facility if you happen to adopt a dog there. If you adopt a foster dog please com prepared with a tag with the minimal of your phone number on it.

Will you hold a dog for me until I’m ready to decide if I want to adopt them?

For the benefit of our canine orphans, we do not hold dogs while potential adopters make decisions. Too often, we have had situations where the first potential adopter wants to think on it and the second adopter is put on a waitlist, only for the first to decide not to adopt and the second adopter to have already moved on. It is strongly advised to pay for any dog you wish to be yours immediately.

If you have decided to adopt, but need some time to get your home or family prepared, you will have 24 hours to pick up or we can board the dog for you as an add-on cost to the adoption fee for as long as needed. Payment is due for this prior to service.

Fosters: If you are fostering a dog for H2H, THANK YOU! Your insight matters regarding choosing the best adopters for our dogs. Please be sure to alert us immediately if you meet someone you don’t think is a good fit for the dog you are fostering. However, we encourage everyone to give fosters grace as they navigate being an advocate for their foster dog. They will be transparent that all parties are involved and there is high interest in the dog.

If you are a potential adopter and you meet a dog in a foster home that you would like to adopt, please be sure to contact us immediately. The best way to do so is to have the foster contact Rachel the foster facilitator.

Do you offer any support after a dog is adopted?

Yes, we have a H2H Happy Tails Facebook page where you are welcome to throw your questions out for other adopters to provide advice and suggestions. Our goal is to stay connected! Also check out The Canine Crusade on facebook. It’s affordable socialization training, where a lot of H2H alums go and new orphans with fosters!

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