Managing Leash Reactivity with Your Dog

Leash reactivity is one of the most common challenges of dog ownership. We’ve all seen the owner being dragged along by their dog. Or the dog barking and lunging at any other dog that passes them on a walk.  What is leash reactivity? Leash reactivity occurs when your dog is on leash and has aContinue reading “Managing Leash Reactivity with Your Dog”

How to know if you’re ready for a dog

The joy that dogs bring can entice many people into getting a dog before they’re ready. As adog parent, it’s your responsibility to make sure you’re ready. Your dog is depending on you tobe a good parent and preparation is key. If you’re thinking about adding a dog to your family,here are just a fewContinue reading “How to know if you’re ready for a dog”

How Does Fostering Work?

First, let us say that fosters are miracle workers. These amazing individuals take a dog into their home and provide care, training, and safety for dogs. For many dogs, this is the first home they’ve ever been welcomed into. Fosters get dogs ready for their next home. And let’s be honest – it’s not alwaysContinue reading “How Does Fostering Work?”

A Tribute to Golden Girls

As the days fly by and we move on with our hectic lives, let’s not forget about our Golden Girl, Betty White. A beloved media personality inter-generationally, renowned for her saucy style, independence, sparkling eyes, and dimpled cheeks – Betty would have been exactly 100 years old today. Our TV darling until the very end,Continue reading “A Tribute to Golden Girls”

The Adoption Checklist: Before Arrival

Location, location, location! Decide where your new pet will sleep, spend most of their time, and have free roam. Set up any pet gates, and if you plan to crate train, get their crate set up and ready to go. Purchase all supplies needed to care for your new dog, such as collars, leashes, foodContinue reading “The Adoption Checklist: Before Arrival”

Should YOU Get a Dog?

Don’t get a dog because you need a babysitter for your child or because you think the dog will teach your child responsibility. The dog is YOUR responsibility and no matter what your intentions were, you’ll likely ALWAYS be the primary caretaker, the one responsible for getting up with it in the mornings, exercising itContinue reading “Should YOU Get a Dog?”