Training your dog and children to get along

What’s cuter than a little kid and a dog playing together? It doesn’t always happen overnight. It can take training and practice to make this dream happen. It’s also not just on your dog to behave, your kids may need preparation as well.  Socialize, socialize, socialize If you’ve looked at this site or past blogs,Continue reading “Training your dog and children to get along”

Training your dog on how to be alone

Worried about your dog having separation anxiety? We love our pups, but we can’t be there all the time. Maybe you’ve been working remote and now you’re getting called back into the office. You want to be able to leave for the evening and come back to calm dog. Or maybe you just don’t wantContinue reading “Training your dog on how to be alone”

The Benefits of Structured Dog Walking

Walking your dog offers more benefits than just exercise. A walk can form a closer bond with your dog, give them firm structure, and help your dog understand their role. Every dog is shaped by their environment. Your dog is going to be looking to you for signs of their role and responsibilities. A structuredContinue reading “The Benefits of Structured Dog Walking”

How to Exercise Your Dog When You’re Stuck Inside

It’s possible that you love to get bundled up and hike off into the snow with your dog alongside you. It’s also possible that you love your dog and hate the bitter winds of winter. The good news is that your dog doesn’t have to suffer from inactivity just because the temperature has dropped. ThereContinue reading “How to Exercise Your Dog When You’re Stuck Inside”

Fun Ways to Exercise Your Dog

Maybe you got a dog to be your couch buddy. Maybe your dog goes out on morning runs with you. There are different types of dogs for every person. Just like people, dogs that exercise will be healthier and happier. Whatever level of activity you and your dog are looking for, there are many options. Continue reading “Fun Ways to Exercise Your Dog”

Why Socializing Your Dog is Important

If you’ve been around dogs before then you know the behavior of every dog can be different. You may have met dogs that approach you as calm and friendly. You also may have encountered dogs that are afraid, reactive, or aggressive toward new people and situations. One of the most crucial factors in influencing aContinue reading “Why Socializing Your Dog is Important”