Companies Who Support Our Rescues! Plus they have PAWesome gear :)

Front Harness

Introducing FRONT HARNESS—The best QUALITY harness + the RIGHT training! You need BOTH and THEY are finally here! It’s just a better harness all around. *Recycled Polyester webbing made from plastic removed from the ocean

*Easy to follow training videos included to help you succeed

*Shipping materials and the packaging are 100% recyclable straight to your bin.

*Free shipping in USA and free returns within 30 days. ZERO RISK

*Partnering with Home 2 Home Canine Orphanage and donating $5 from each purchase!! Code: H2HDOGS5FH

Click here to go to Front Harness Website

Other amazing companies who share our love of Rescues with great gear!


Our first donator of product (leashes, collars, paw jam!). Without any hesitation from our first donation inquiry, responded with a tracking number. Not to mention their gear is top notch quality. If you are and your pup spend quality time adventuring, you’ll be obsessed with their line.

Sassy Woof gets the award for the largest product donation. Their hearts are incredible and their patterned gear even better! Use HOME2HOME to get your 20% OFF!

Sassy Woof Amazing Pattern dog gear here

Fable Pets for the Contemporary win! BEAUTIFUL modern crates. They look like pieces of art! Check them out. Use HOME2HOME code in checkout for 10% off and part of the proceeds come back to our rescues!

Fable Pets Modern Pet here!

Pack leashes for the MOST fun style. I mean cmon BOW TIE on the collar! Sign me up. actually I did sign up 🙂 Use code H2H20 to get 20% off!! and proceeds come back to us!

Click here to keep your dog in style with Pack

One of our LARGEST SHOUT OUTS, if we could scream from the mountain tops, is Spot and Tango dog food. They fully sponsor all our foster dogs food! And want you to have access to their AMAZING food too, at a 50% discount on your first month!!!! Use HOME2HOME discount code to give your dogs some quality nutrition and know you are supporting a company who supports rescues!