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Being a reputable rescue should look like ensuring the dogs we agree to take are always welcomed back in the rare occasions when they need to be returned. We understand that situations can arise out of an owners control but part of our job is making sure our dogs always have a safe spot to land.

With the opportunity for affordable training, access to preventive vet care, and a team of people ready to assist, our dogs quality of life and safety always remain our top priorities. 

Once approved to foster or adopt, you’ll simply alert us which dog you’ve got interest in by texting ONLY 636-210-6166 for fastest response. You may also email home2home.customerservice@gmail.com. When received, we will alert you to the location of the dog of interest and connect you if the dog of interest in available. 

We are an appointment only facility.

H2H equals happiness for so many. From the moment we accept dogs into our organization, the happiness and peace the dogs exude is heartfelt. The happiness that is delivered to the volunteers and administration team is addicting, the fulfillment received by the adopters is uplifting, and the success fosters have when assisting their dogs with finding permanent placement is unparalleled. It takes a team of people to create what H2H has become even though it started out as one persons vision. 

Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Rehome - a proven process that puts dogs first.

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Fosters get the right to choose who they’d like to foster however if said dog is not a match due to safety concerns (foster doesn’t have a fence, has small children and the dog of choice hasn’t been socialized enough with them), we will request a different dog is chosen. 

There isn’t a day that goes by where we aren’t asked to help at least 50 dogs or more. We attempt to get them as soon as possible, otherwise there have been lots of other outcomes including being given away, shot, turned over to animal control, left as a stray, etc.

All dogs receive everything necessary at the time of intake. This includes a heartworm test, fecal, DHPP booster, bordetella, rabies when applicable and a microchip. A general exam is provided. Spay and neuter surgery is immediately scheduled. 

We generally wait a couple weeks to spay or neuter in case the dog is harboring any illness that hasn’t presented itself at the time of intake. All our dogs are spayed and neutered prior to adoption unless they are under six months before the transfer to their new home is made.

Every dog received is in a different place mentally. We work hard with our dogs to help reverse the traumas and neglect that many of them have. 

Can you take my dog?

Thank you for inquiring about whether your dog can be accepted into our organization.

Please send an email to home2home.customerservice@gmail.com with a copy of the dogs most recent vet records, history with other dogs, cats and kids, training you’ve already done and any other pertinent information we need to keep the dog safe and healthy when trying to find a new home. 

Note: the fee to surrender is not always in place. Please discuss this with the team when we have communication. 

Below is the link to surrender the dog in need but please DO NOT complete without prior approval. Completing the link DOES NOT mean we are able to accept your dog. 

A note from our founder, Kristen:

Future goals for H2H include our very own location where education, training, administrative efforts and events can take place to further our support of canines in need. With a physical location, we will be able to have our own medical team to tend to dogs in need of medical assistance quickly and efficiently. We will have workshops for fosters and adopters and those who would like to volunteer, and we will be able to invite classrooms of students to our facility to learn how their role in the community can assist dogs in need.

After spending time volunteering at local shelters in my hometown, I started this because I love dogs, wanted to see them more successfully placed and wanted to create streamlined processes that simplified the journey for those who were looking to adopt, those interested in fostering, and those that wanted to do something that would satisfy their own love for dogs by becoming a crucial part of a team with the same goals, love and mission as me. After 9 years of tirelessly working to home thousands of dogs, the team of people that have come together are just one more reason why this life of saving dogs is my happiness. 

Every dog we take in generally either isn’t well and requires life saving efforts and/or requires all the basic medical care needed for a dog who has never had any. Without the support of our community, H2H wouldn’t be able to exist. While each adopter has the opportunity to donate a little extra above their adoption fee, our main avenue for generating donations is through public support.

Our adoption fees just barely cover the medical expenses on a healthy dog.

Come alongside us

We are so thankful for our team of volunteers who go above and beyond to make H2H run successfully. Our admin team, our fosters, our adopters, those who share our social media efforts, the vet hospitals and staff who spend much of their time treating our dogs medical concerns, spaying and neutering them, and making sure they are getting the care they need all play such a massive role in what’s been created. We could never do any of this without them. 

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