Make a difference: Become a short-term foster

Fosters allow our dogs to spend their time being loved and learning how to socialize so they are ready for their new family. A large hurdle for the average adopter is not having enough perspective on a dog of interest. Our fosters make the difference for so many of our dogs by inviting them over and learning their nuances, loves and challenges so we can direct the most suitable candidates to our dogs. 

Ways you Can Foster

Foster to Adopt

Fostering to adopt is a wonderful way to evaluate a dog in your home before you decide to take the plunge! It’s a win win for the dog and for you. If the dog is not already in a foster home, you can take him/her home for 5 days to enjoy one another before making the commitment to adopt.

Puppy Placement

It is not safe for puppies to be housed in our facility without receiving all of their puppy boosters so we always welcome fosters who love puppy breath! Our adult dogs are also always available to foster.

One Night Sleepover

One night sleepovers are always fabulous for our dogs so we can capture some great pictures with your help and find out some up to date info about them.  The more time a dog can experience In a loving home, the better the chances for adoption are. 

Daytime Foster

Daytime only fostering is another great low commitment option. If you can’t house a dog in your space, consider bringing them in for the day, evaluating in your space and helping us learn more to successfully place them. 

Our fosters are not expected to have the necessary belongings needed to open their home to one of our dogs. We will supply food, a leash, a collar and a crate when needed and available. We never want a foster to feel unprepared. We also have bowls, treats, bedding and toys should the foster be inclined. 

What H2H Supplies:

How Fostering Works:

Once your foster placement time is over, you can help us (if you choose) to place the dog with the right loving family.

We help you find the right dog that suits you and your space. Whether that’s a new puppy or an older dog, we will always give you the option of which dog to place in your home. 

We supply you with everything you need and check in on you during the length of your foster to make sure it’s going well. You always have the option to return the dog if it’s not working out. 

Your job is to love your dog as much as you can and help us (and their new owners) understand more about their nuances and personality. The more pictures you send captivating your foster dogs personality, physical attributes, and positive qualities, the more you’ll capture the hearts of potential adopters. 

At Home 2 Home 

Foster Approval Process


Complete the Foster Application


Text us your home video and current pet vet records to 636-210-6166

Once we have an understanding of you and your space, we can make sure we are directing the right dog to you for the most optimal experience. It’s better to know upfront what dogs could be a suitable match. 


We'll contact you to set up a dog match.

Your info will be sent to the organization and you’ll be contacted with a location of the dog you’re interested in fostering. Get excited to find a match!

Join the H2H Foster Family and play an important role in a dog’s future.

Whether your motivation is to help a dog on its way to a better life or you’re evaluating a specific dog for your own home, you can know that by fostering a dog, you’re saving it’s life and the life of the next dog we have a space to take because of you. 

Fostering FAQS

Unfortunately due to regular vet visits and the ability to set up meetings with potential adopters, all our fosters must live within a 50 mile radius of St. Louis. If you’re just outside of that, please inquire for approval. 

All vet care is done with our approved veterinarians only. Outside veterinary care is not permitted nor will it be reimbursed without prior approval. 

No, fostering is free! The only fee paid is if you choose to adopt. 

Most puppies and desirable adults are adopted within a 2-3 week timespan generally. Some of our longer-stay dogs may take a bit longer but together we will find them!

That’s okay! You likely know the dog you’re fostering best, so it’s up to you to help us decide what you feel is the best environment for them. If you don’t feel the applicant we have directed to you is a match, we will continue working to find another that is. We all want our dogs to be set up for success so your feedback is welcomed. Viable reasons for why you feel the applicant is the most suitable for your foster will help us choose the best candidates for your foster.

We will immediately work to move your foster to a more suitable environment. 

Once the administration team receives an application for one of our dogs and processed the applicant, approved applicants will be directed to you. We ask that you contact them within 12-24 hours to answer their questions should they have any. Please update your group chat with the admin team with all communication outcomes. We need to be aware of meetings with your foster pup. If you agree they are a match when you meet, we will send them the adoption link as a text to their phone. 

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