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With over 9000 successful adoptions, H2H is committed to helping you find the perfect match for your family. We know it can be overwhelming to find the best candidates for you. Leave it to us to provide the direction and assistance you deserve to minimize the risk of return. 

All of our applicants must go through a 4-step approval process before you can meet any of our dogs. 

Wait, have you been approved for adoption?

Confirm Mailing Address

Text a picture of a piece of mail with the address that matches your application and address in your home video to 636-210-6166

Text Current Pet Vet Records to 636-210-6166

Must include the address on the front of the home, main living space, and backyard area plus a brief introduction to you and your family. 

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How to Adopt a Dog


Get Approved for Adoption


Text us to let us know the dog you’re interested in visiting.

Side note: We will not be able to respond if you have not completed the application process.


Visit with a Dog

We will give you some available times to visit with the dog of choice if that dog is located inside our facility or connect you with the foster parent who is currently housing the dog you wish to meet. (Side note: we do not allow walk-ins from unapproved adopters to visit our shelter facility) 


Pay your Adoption Fee

We will text you a payment link to your phone.


Gather Supplies

A leash, appropriately fitted collar, engraved name tag with your new pals name and your phone number are all required. 


Take home your new best bud!

“My experience with Home 2 Home Canine Orphanage has been nothing short of amazing.”

- Lia, Gracie & Bean

When we arrived to collect Gracie, we were provided with everything we needed, from food to essentials for her journey. Despite her initial bout with a respiratory infection, the team at Home 2 Home remained attentive, arranging vet appointments and consistently checking in to ensure her well-being. Soon after welcoming Gracie into our home, it became clear that she belonged with us permanently. And when we felt she needed a companion, we didn't hesitate to adopt another pup, now lovingly named Bean. They've become inseparable.

"We wanted another dog but didn't have the bandwidth for just any dog. It had to be the perfect dog, and that's what they found for us." 

- Angie & CeCe

CeCe has brought so much joy into our family's life. She has truly become an integral part of our family, especially forming a special bond with our 4-year-old son. H2H is truly special for connecting animals in need with loving homes like ours. As our bond with CeCe continues to grow stronger, bringing countless moments of happiness, companionship, and love, we thank our lucky stars for H2H and her foster mom for giving her a chance. 

"H2H is an excellent rescue! They go out of their way to find a dog that will fit your family and lifestyle."

- Barb & Carly

When Carly came out of the room after being vetted, I knew I was going to fail this foster and adopt her! And I did! H2H knew Carly would be a perfect match for us and my other 2 dogs. They took the time to understand what I was looking for in a dog and came up with a few prospective adoptees. But Carly won my heart when I met her. I’m so glad I reached out and applied to adopt/foster.

We only accept candidates who will love these dogs as much as we do. 

A little extra work upfront will go a long way towards making sure both you and your dog are a healthy match. We believe in placing dogs in homes that are compatible to meet their needs as we recognize that anything less than that isn’t fair to you or our dogs. 

Ready to be approved? Start by filling out your application.

Adoption FAQS

All current pets must be fixed, up to date on vaccines, have a current heartworm test and fecal test within the last year, and be current on heartworm prevention. 

All dogs need time to settle in. If you have future plans to relocate, please consider waiting to adopt so your new dog can have the time it deserves to settle in a home where you intend to stay for the forseeable future. 

Our standard adoption fees for a puppy is $450. Adults are $400 and dogs over 8 are $350. Occasionally, the adoption fee will be higher depending on the circumstances surrounding securing the dog for rescue. When that’s a factor, adopters will be notified immediately at the time of inquiry.

All applicants must be approved before meetings with available dogs are allowed. This allows us to be efficient and to prioritize those who have proven to be ready to adopt while preventing impulsive adoptions.

Our organization uses outside sources to meet our dogs needs. We do not have a veterinarian who is specifically employed by our organization which means we must pay for each individual dog to receive all the care necessary. The cost of surgery, emergency visits, dentals, orthopedic care, heartworm treatment, etc all play a role in our higher cost of adoption. 

Fostering is a phenomenal way to get to know a dog. When a dog is already in a foster home, that gives that dog a big advantage for an adopter because the foster is able to provide lots of pertinent information.. Generally that information is sufficient to determine if it makes sense to proceed. We like to avoid transferring our dogs from home to home as the change can be hard. Adopters receive 72 hours post adoption to evaluate the dog in their space and obtain a refund if the dog is not a match. This should always be considered to keep the pressure at a minimum. We want what’s best for our dogs and our adopters and, while it’s uncommon for a dog to be returned, if that’s the outcome we always take our dogs back. 

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